Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TRASHHED! - 2D Animation short film

  • 1st Prize, International Film Festival, Nagpur, India - September 2009
  • AAROHI Film Festival, Mumbai, India - April 2009
  • Nominated in the Children’s Film Category at the 16th International Children’s Film  Festival held at Hyderabad in November 2009
The Film:
More often than not, trash is found strewn everywhere except where it belongs - inside the trash bin; thus, defeating the very purpose of the trash bin. TRASHHED! is an animation short film that highlights this tragic state of our trash bins today and suggests people to be a little more mindful and throw trash in the trash bin and not all around it.

Creative Team:
Pranay Bura, Varun M, Srinivaas B, Ravi Kiran

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