Friday, October 16, 2009

Arena Dilsukhnagar extends a helping hand to the flood-affected citizens of Kallugotla Village

On Saturday, the 10th of October, 2009, a team of 18 volunteers comprising 17 staff and 1 student set off from Hyderabad at 8.00pm to Kallugotla Village (220 kms from Hyderabad) in Mahabobnagar district to provide food and essential items to victims of the flood-ravaged district. Our team distributed 200 survival kits to 200 families of Kallugotla Village & returned to base at 6 pm the same day.

Kallugotla was almost submerged by the floods as is evident in the mud-line on the walls of houses revealing the exact height upto which flood water rose.

One person – an elderly man amongst the beneficiaries of Arena’s flood-relief assistance program in Kallugotla village commended our Centre Head Mr. Raja Sekhar for the help extended to the genuinely flood-affected and needy families. He informed us that no organization had come to their help since the floods and that we were the first to provide relief in a systematic and meaningfull manner. 

Prior to the journey, Mr. K.Harikrishna, Exec-Admin at Arena DSNR left for Kurnool on 08-10-09 to identify the villages most affected by the flash floods. He personally surveyed 6 villages (Alampur, Pullur, Santhajuturu, Joopadubangla, Sunkesulu & Kallugotla) and found that Kallugotla was amongst the worst-affected villages which received the least help since the floods and so, a list of 200 families were identified in this village and tokens distributed to them to ensure that they genuinely receive our assistance on 10-10-09 when our team would arrive there.
Arena Dilsukhnagar initiated a fundraising drive and collected a significant amount of Rs. 1 lakh. The proceeds were used to purchase food, clothing, utensils and other essential items forming a survival kit for the victims. A total of 200 kits were packed by a team of 20 volunteers at our office on the evening of 9th October for distribution to 200 flood-affected families in Kallugotla village of Mahaboobnagar district.

Contents of each survival kit worth Rs. 500/- distributed to 200 families:
Rice - 5 kgs, Toor Dal – 500 gms, Channa Dal - 500 gms, Palm Oil - 1 kg, Salt Packet - 1 kg, Red Chilli Powder - 100 gms, Turmeric Powder - 100 gms, Bread Packet – 1, Steel Vessels – 2, Steel Plates – 2, Steel Glasses – 2, Steel Spoon Large – 1, Tooth Powder - 100 gms, Bath Soap – 1, Candles - Large – 1, Match Box – 1, Bed Sheet - 1

On behalf of Arena Dilsukhnagar, I take this opportunity to thank each one of you who has responded to our call and contributed liberally to this noble cause. Every contribution of Rs. 500 has helped on family receive food and essential items to live honourably for a week. Thank you once again.

B.Raja Sekar
CEO – Arena Dilsukhnagar